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Devonshire Services LLC offers a wide array of corporate services for the international business community. Devonshire provides its customers with competent, thorough and timely service in an environment that understands the particular needs of an international business. With a proven track record of 19 years of service, Devonshire Services LLC offers:

Agent for Service of Process (Process Agent):

Devonshire Services can be appointed to act as an agent for service of process in New York for non-resident customers who have entered into contracts providing for disputes to be submitted to courts in New York. Devonshire undertakes to maintain the NY Address through the expiration of the customer’s appointment of Devonshire as its agent for the service of process in the State of New York.

Company Formation Services:

Devonshire Services can form a company, register a foreign branch and assist you with other corporate services in the United States and many English common law jurisdictions.

Statutory Representation Services:

Devonshire Services can provide registered office and agent services for your company in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

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